Grouphug - Clustering with an evil twist!
What is it?
Grouphug is a clustering framework with an evil twist; its written in bash. Its very portable and surprisingly easy to work with. This is a project to stimulate the brain with some really cool ideas using a tool that's completely inappropriate for the job. More...
Presented at Lug Radio Live today - 19/07/2008
Over 60 people turned up to the presentation, so I was very happy. I've written about it in my blog.
0.1.06 Released, PRESENTING AT LRL TOMORROW! - 18/07/2008
This is a snapshot release.
Minor Bug fixes for when I present at Lug Radio Live 2008 UK tomorrow. Hope to see you there. I'm presenting at 11am.

Get 0.1.06
What's Next? - Alpha release
'Viable'. This is the point where you should be able to make it do stuff and start developing for it without too many incompatibilities with the next few releases. On paper, this is a big release, however its likely to get there with a number of small incremental releases.
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