Grouphug - Clustering with an evil twist!
0.1.05 Released - 14/07/2008
This is a snapshot release.
GroupHug is now testable and runable across nodes. Houston, we have a cluster!

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0.1.04 Released - 28/06/2008
This is a snapshot release.
Iteration 100 test summary: 100 iterations, 2600 passed, 0 failed, 600 test groups, 2600 subtests
All tests pass! All the time!... On my machine. ROCK! Ahhhhhhhhh! More...

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0.1.03 Released - 18/06/2008
This is a snapshot release providing a critical bug fix. This has taken a long time to solve, but was well worth it. More...

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0.1.02 Released - 15/06/2008
This is a snapshot release providing a few tidy-ups, some convenience, bug fixes and test framework improvements. It is still pre-alpha. More...

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0.1.01 Released - 10/05/2008
This is a snapshot release providing a few tidy-ups and some convenience. It is still pre-alpha. More...

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Back from UK - 03/05/2008
I've now finished my UK travels, so I'm back for a few days. You'll see on the timeline that I've made some progress while I've been traveling around on busses. What it doesn't show is that I've also tidied things up a bit and generally improved the quality of things. Hopefully I'll get a chance to release these changes in a couple of days.
Traveling - 22/04/2008
I am now traveling around the world over the next 2 months. During this time updates and new releases will happen as I have internet access and time (bus/plane journeys etc). In the mean time, check out what I'm up to.
0.1.00 Released! - 09/04/2008
It's here! This has been a long time coming. If you read how it works, it sounds like you could write it in an afternoon. However, this is a fully managed clustering framework. Making sure all the right foundations were laid has taken quite some time. More...

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