Grouphug - Clustering with an evil twist!
Released 09/04/2008

Wooooooooooooooo! I've finally made the first release. I had a few occasions where I had to make a descision between taking the time to doing it well, or do it badly and then redo it later. In pretty much every case, I've decided to take the time. Having said that, there are a lot of things I would have liked to put into this release. So those have been moved to the next release, but will probably get released in sub releases leading up to that release.

'Proof of concept'. This is to prove that the idea can work and to spark peoples' interest. Currently it has only been tested on a single node at a time. This will change very early leading up to the next release.

With this release, you can run the tests

 gh test.all 
which will run all the tests currently available.

The tests testCaseHappydistributedQueItem.numQueProcDuring and testCaseHappydistributedQueItem.numEventsProcDuring occasionally fail on the first or second run after a reboot. I have not done any diagnostics on this yet, so I'm not yet sure if the problem is with the test or the code being tested.

IDs are currently occasionally resetting when Grouphug starts. This is a problem with the events and ques since they rely on the IDs to know where to start reading. I hope to fix this in the alpha release. In the mean time you can get around it like this (make sure you are in the grouphug home folder):

 rm write/qs/combined* write/events/eventTrails/* 

Note that this version is not a service/daemon. It runs as a user. This will change for the beta release.

There's a massive amount of things left to do over the next while.

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'Proof of concept'. This is to prove that the idea can work and to spark peoples' interest.
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