Grouphug - Clustering with an evil twist!
Released 18/06/2008

This is a snapshot release. I'm part way through diagnosing some process control related issues, so there is some ps output in the tests at the moment. Not all tests are passing 100% of the time, but I'm now in a position that I can progress with those.

This release fixes a bug that was critical to this project continuing.

Fixed getnewid in libgeneral. YAY! Will need to return to this since it could do with some refactoring. But at least now I can move on to the things that it has been holding up.
The bug was that IDs would reset back to what ever the function was last used for on another ID. This would only happen when the ID file was partially inaccessible at that moment that it was requested. I've changed the function so that it guarantees the result, however it could be possible to get into an infinite loop. For now this is fine, but it could use another visit later on.

Get it.
In this release
'Proof of concept'. Fixed getnewid bug YAAAAAAAAAAY! I've been banging at this one for over a month. This bug was critical to almost everything important, so it's what's been holding everything up and definitely needed the time to make it work well. That's all the changes for this release.

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