Grouphug - Clustering with an evil twist!
Released 14/7/2008

This is a snapshot release.
This release adds some tests that assert that the thing actually works across nodes. This means it can actually function as a cluster now.

Added multi node tests. To test on two nodes (one real, one fake on the same host) run

. Either on a separate host with access to $write as the same user, or in a new terminal on the same host with the same user, run

You can also run multiple iterations of the tests by altering the above commands as follows:
gh 5
which will run 5 iterations of the tests.
NOTE: These tests do not clear a backlog, so if a test fails and a backlog is created, tests will continue to fail. To clear the backlog run
gh test.all

Abstracted the testing framework from the tests.

Moved returning of listener away from the handeler to the event.handel function. This means that we do not rely on the event to sucessfully execute for the listener to be returned. This was an essiential change since the listener needs to be returned for the resource to be used again. There are legitimate times when the listener will not be executed sucessfully.


gh build.package.up
gh build.package.kup
to assist in uploading new releases. gh build.package.up is currently untested as public key authentication does not seem to be allowed be SF at this point. This isn't a high enough priority for me to research at the moment, so we have gh build.package.kup which will be sufficient. All of this should be irrelevant to you anyway at this point, but it's there incase it is relevant at some point.

Added the license plugin which makes viewing the license slightly more fun... slightly.

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In this release
'Proof of concept'.

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